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We are excited about all that God has accomplished at Believers over the last couple of years.  We raised more than 1.4 million dollars and have purchased nearly 7 acres of land for our new space in the heart of the Harbour View community.

Now what?  We are currently working on several different options and would love for you to join us in prayer concerning these matters.

  • Option 1 – Sell current building and start construction.

This is the preferred course of action; the building IS for sale and we HAVE had some nibbles.  When praying for this, remember to pray that whoever buys our space will allow us to lease it back until our construction period is completed.

  • Option 2 – Do a phased approach to construction.

While we desire to sell the building, we are convinced that we can’t just sit around waiting.  We are turning families away due to lack of space RIGHT NOW!  So, we urgently need to create some extra space.  If we are unable to sell, we plan to move forward with a phased approach to construction.  This approach would have us build our new space in 2 phases.  Phase 1 would be Believers Kids (BK) space and the “third space” which is the huge lobby area.  Constructing the BK space would allow us to move the Day School to the new location and use that income to pay for the initial construction.  The “third space” would work as an extension campus worship center…allowing us to offer almost 300 new seats per service.

We are excited about the possibilities here and believe that could resolve some of our space issues quicker using this approach.  There are a couple of challenges here too.  We need some additional capital (a.k.a. money!) to start, even with a phased approach.  If Believers’ people would continue to give sacrificially, as they did during the 24-months of NJAB, we may be able to roll out these plans soon.  Would you pray specifically about this?

As you can see, while NJAB is done, there is PLENTY left to do.  With prayer and generosity, I am convinced that God will enable us to: move forward, expand our reach into the community, and enable us to have enough space for all of those who need to make Jesus #1!