1.  When will our existing property be placed on the market?  How long is that process expected to take?

Our property is currently on the market for sale.  Our Realtors are actively marketing it to potential buyers including: other churches, Christian schools, and businesses.  Please be in prayer about the timing of the sale.  We need the sale to fuel future construction, but we also prefer to stay put until we are ready for a move!

2.  Where is the land that we are purchasing?

The new property is on the corner of College Drive and Harbour View Blvd., in Suffolk.  From Believers current location, continue on 664 North, take exit 8a, then left on Harbour View Blvd.  It’s located behind Northrup Grumman and adjacent to Lockheed Martin Design Center.

3.  Is the piece of property going to be big enough for what we want to accomplish?
The property is 6.6 acres (about 37% more than what we currently have).  The preliminary drawings include a  47,000 square foot building including a  950-seat auditorium with adequate parking and kids’ space.  This plan will allow us to double the capacity of each of our current services.

4.  What will we do when we outgrow the new building?
We believe that we can grow to about 3,200 on this site with a multi-service format.  After we reach capacity we will look for opportunities to go multi-site – starting new Believers campuses in Portsmouth, Western Suffolk and even the Airline Blvd. area of Chesapeake.

5.  Will we have to pay for utilities to be put in?  What about a retention pond?
The site already has full utilities on the property and the water retention ponds are in place (and NOT part of the 6.6 acres).  This will not only allow us to develop 100% of the acreage, but will save a significant amount of money in site development costs.

6.  Will we need to carry a note on this project? If so, for how much?
More than likely we WILL have to carry a note on the property.  How much will be determined by the cost of construction, what we are able to sell our current property for, etc. We know that Believers can afford a note of 1.5 million dollars (it’s what our current loan is based upon).  On the upside, the cost of borrowing is at an all-time low right now!  So, now is a good time to borrow if necessary.  The more money that comes in, the less we’ll have to borrow.

7.  Is the Day School a part of our moving plan?
Yes, we plan to keep the Day School as part of our ministry.

8.  Can we buy the land in front of the property to ensure more available parking spaces?
We COULD, but that doesn’t mean we SHOULD.  Land is selling for about 200k per acre; the lot in front is 4 acres (or $800k).  The owners have said we can use that property for overflow parking if necessary.  They have included a shared parking agreement with any business that moves into that site in our land agreement contract.  What that means for us is FREE parking on land that we didn’t buy and in a parking lot that we didn’t pay to pave!  Go God!

9.  Do we have other land options if the land in Harbour View doesn’t work out?  If so, what are they?  If not, when will we?
While we have looked at other sites, we currently have a contract on the land in Harbour View.  We are currently going through the CUP (Conditional Use Permit) process.  If we are approved, we will close on the land thereby becoming the new location of Believers Church.

10.  If everything works out according to plan, when will we be in the bigger, better space?
We have recently gone through the 6-9 month process of obtaining a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). On February 19, Suffolk City Council unanimously voted in favor of the CUP for Believers Church to operate in the Harbor View area of Suffolk!  We should be finalizing the purchase about mid-April. The earliest we can begin construction will be spring 2014 and construction is expected to take about a year.  It’s possible we could celebrate Easter 2015 in the new space (April 5, 2015), if EVERYTHING goes smoothly.  It is likely that we’ll be in the new space by Fall Big Day (October 4, 2015).

11.  Who decides what we do and how we do it for this project?
Most decisions are made by the Elder Board; based on those decisions Believers members will vote on a few items as outlined in our constitution.