What is NJAB?

We are committed to re-thinking how church is done; creating environments where people encounter Jesus on their level.  In doing so, we live out our mission of making Jesus #1, one person at a time.

In 2005, Believers Church opened the doors on a brand new Worship Center, Welcome Center and expanded parking lot.   That campaign, The Rescue Project, cost 1.8 million dollars, of which 1.4 million was borrowed.  It was risky.  Our vision to reach the Western Branch Community and beyond was large and our church and resources were pretty small.  It was a very bold, some would say foolish, step of faith.  However, we knew there were people in our community that would never attend Believers or experience Christ in an environment designed for doing church in a very traditional way.  So we joined together to make financial sacrifices, knowing that every person reached would be worth the investment!

We are witnessing a move of God that most people have never seen.  Believers has nearly tripled since taking those bold steps of faith  and we have seen over 450 people publicly declare their faith through baptism…that’s more than 90% of churches in America have in total attendance!  Each number is a person that passed from spiritual death to life!   As exciting as it has been to see so many find Jesus at Believers, we will soon be hitting walls that will prevent others from finding what they desperately need – a relationship with Jesus.

We can’t make Jesus #1, one person at a time if we don’t have room for one more person, or one more child, or even one more car.  The time has come for us to take yet another bold step of faith…we need new space – and we need it yesterday!  In order to continue introducing our community to Jesus, we must relocate to another part of our community and build a new building that has, not just bigger space, but better space!  It’s not just a building we need…we need environments where our community can most effectively encounter Jesus!